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7 continents. 7 unforgettable races. Run the world.

Running is an adventure. Whether a hobby runner, a marathoner or a “globe runner“: Every continent offers races that will open up a whole new running world for you. We picked 7 unforgettable ones. Start today and conquer new terrain.


Put the fun into your run with the Cloudster

BOOM! At the “Happiest run on the planet”, thousands of Australian runners burst into colors to express their pure joy of running. No stop watches. No podiums. This 5K city run is all about one thing: Coloring up your life.

Go long with the Cloudcruiser

Up to the Piz Kesch, over the Sertigpass und then back to Davos: Since 30 years the majestic Swiss Alps have been challenging runners with the world’s biggest mountain ultra-run. The reward for anyone willing to embrace the 78K and 2500m altitude difference adventure is the indescribably beautiful scenery and breathtaking running experience.
North America

 Every track is a running track with the Cloudracer

This September, Red Bull is challenging American “calf muscles” at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City with a 400m race straight up the Olympic ski j ump with a 200 meter height difference. The steepest 400 meter race in the world proves that any track can be a running track.


Brave the elements with the Cloudrunner Winter Edition

Piercing cold temperatures, icy winds, and a bizarre landscape formed of snow and ice: The Antarctica Ice Marathon is the ultimate running adventure in braving the elements – and of course a chance to embrace the unrivaled purity that nature has to offer.


Start your 42K journey with the dynamic Cloudsurfer

The Bagan Temple Run takes you on a journey allowing you to explore a thousands of year old culture: 42 magical kilometers, crossing rice fields, secluded villages all the way up to the finish line in front of the Htilominlo Tempel built in 1211 making this race an unforgettable experience for every explorer.

South America

Experience Zero-Gravity running with the Cloud

Make any time of day a good time for a run: At the Energizer Night Races from Mexico to Argentina, runners start their 5 or 10K runs after sunset. Provided with LED headlamps, the runners conquer their cities and turn night into day.


Experience Zero-Gravity running with the Cloud

Running connects: For 14 years, the biggest running event in Africa brings together hobby runners and athletes from all over the world. Dressed in the colors of the Ethiopian flag, 40’000 runners flood the capitol Addis Adaba in vibrant greens, reds and yellows.

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