投稿 12th May 2015

For a start with fun.

Feeling the fresh breeze in the early morning or embracing the silence in the forest: Running is a pleasure for body and mind. Are you just about to get from the couch to your first 5K? On and running.COACH put together tips for an enjoyable start. 

Start slowly into your running adventure
Take it easy in the beginning and build up your performance over 12 weeks. Combine walking with jogging to get into it. Your first sessions could look like this:

1. session:
10min walking
3x 1min running (Pause: 2min walking)
10min walking

2. session:
10min walking
5x 1min running (Pause: 2min walking)
10min walking

3. session:
90min walking

4. session:
10min walking
3x 2min running (Pause: 2min walking)
10min walking

5. session:
10min walking
5x 2min running (Pause: 2min walking)
10min walking

Get in the flow
The more frequent you run, the more you will get into it. Go for a run on a regular basis and make it a part of your life. Soon, you are really looking forward to going out and do something good for yourself. 

Team up with a running partner
Grab a friend or colleague to share the running experience with. It's fun to have people with you. Besides: If you can still talk in full sentences while running, you found a good pace. 

Put on the right running shoe
There is an On for every runner. For a start with fun, step into the comfortable Cloudster or the nicely cushioned, stable Cloudrunner. Discover the full On collection and find the right shoe for a successful start.

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