投稿 1st February 2016

Orlando Duque

13 world championship titles and two Guinness world records are proof enough that Orlando, also known as "the Duke", is a master of his art. 

The charismatic Colombian isn't one to shirk a challenge, so Orlando happens to be seen in unusual and - to most of us scary - situations. Such as to jump from a helicopter above the Hudson River and to perform a dive from around 25 metres in the air with the iconic Statue of Liberty in the background.

Orlando knows well the ups and downs of the sport of cliff diving. After a severe injury in 2011, Orlando was determined enough to come back better than ever. Ever since Orlando's focus is on learning even more new divesand to increase his Degree of Difficulty and stay at the top of a sport that is rapidly-evolving.

But how does it feel to stand on top of a 27 meter cliff? "When I'm standing up on top, I'm worried. I know this is high. It's going to be some danger involved in the dive but I still want to do it. And then, as soon as I jump off, I know immediately if things are going well or not. When I dive off a cliff, it's just too much fun. I have all the control, I decide to jump and get that unique feeling in the air, it's just amazing," he says.

"I'​m used to heights, it kind of feels like being above the clouds. To have that feeling even when I'm not competing is amazing. Thanks On for making this possible!"

We're excited to see Orlando aiming high - may he always be on clouds! 



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