投稿 9th April 2015

A day as an athlete.

We followed world-class On athletes for 24 hours. Join our journey and experience, how Ironman warrior Caroline Steffen, Ironman Champion Kyle Buckingham and world class runner Jane Fardell spend a typical day.

Good morning
5am: Another beautiful day lies ahead. Embrace the silence before starting the first workout.

Start prepared 
6am: Caroline is packing her gear and her Cloudracer for a 21K pre-breakfast off-road run, Kyle starts his first swimming session and Jane gets ready for a 2 hour training run with her Cloudsurfer.

8am: Kick-start the day with brown rice, fried eggs, tomatoes, avocado and almonds like Caroline or with fruits, yoghurt and muesli like Jane. And don't forget the all important coffee for an extra boost. 

Secret energy boost
10am: Caroline enjoys coconut essence as refreshment on hot Australian summer days. Kyle and Jane are freshening up body and mind with surfing and swimming.

12pm: Chilling out with friends, feeding up, napping - the athletes use lunch time to recharge their batteries.

Afternoon glory
2pm: The next training sessions are about to start: Endurance or interval runs, followed by stretching and another workout afterwards.

5pm: Caroline's key to great performance: Appreciate what you are doing. Never forget how privileged you are. Kyle knows: the hard work is paying off on race day. Jane is inspired by the finish line and the incredible feeling she gets when crossing it - with a smile, knowing she gave everything she could. 

7pm: Pick the right companion for tomorrow's endurance, interval or speed session. 

Good night
9pm: Ending the day by reading a great book, enjoying the sunset and getting a good night's sleep.

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