投稿 5th May 2015

3 marathons within one month? On makes it happen!

The Australian long distance runner Jane Fardell ran three marathons within one month. Each of them in a time under 2:47. We met Jane straight after her third strike in Zurich, where we found her still all fresh and healthy. How does she do that after such four intense weeks of performance? She revealed that the secret of her achievement lies in recovery and the right running shoe.

Rome, 22 March 2015
After Jane coached the participants of the On Fun Runs in Zurich to the peak of their performance on March 19, the tough Australian travelled to Italy, where she started at the Maratona di Roma on 22 March. "I decided spontaneously to participate. Actually, I wanted to do my normal Sunday training run but then I a little change can’t hurt, right?". As Jane crossed the finish line 2:45 later, with a smile on her face, the Cloudsurfer on her feet and as seventh female over all, this decision has proven to be right. "I felt good and was able to run my race without much effort. All in all a successful Sunday!," laughs Jane.

Paris, 10 April 2015
Not even three weeks and a short training stop on Gran Canaria later, Jane is to start in Paris on 10 April. Not quite as relaxed but still in 2:45 time, Jane crosses the finish line. “It was a very strong field which didn’t make it easier. Even though I got 18th, I am satisfied with my performance. I was able to run my time and I felt well”, states Jane. Already at that point the Aussie was joking: “Maybe I have to do extend my stay and do another race to see if I can improve my performance!”. That she would do so for real, she probably didn’t even believe herself.

Zurich, 19 April 2015
9 days later. At 6pm the evening before the Zurich Marathon, Jane decided to run in the Zurich marathon at 8:30 the next morning. Together with Nicola Spirig she leads the top of the field and is able to perform well on the hard track of the Swiss event. After 2:46, Jane crosses the finish line with a beaming face and on third position. “I am happy to finish 3rd, as this was my third marathon in a month and all of my finish times have been within 1min off each other, which shows me that my level is consistent!”, tells Jane. “Also, I felt very good today and even now, after 3 marathons in a row, I am still fit and pain-free”, the power lady says. “I am convinced, that this is also due to On. Of course, training and preparation are important for your performance on day X. But to be able to run each of the three marathons pain-free and to still feel fit mainly comes from the optimal recovery which the CloudTec®-technology makes possible. With the range of models, On offers the perfect shoe for every situation, be it the Cloudster for recovery runs, the Cloud for speed sessions or the Cloudsurfer for marathon runs. The technology and the running sensation convinces me in every single training!”.

We congratulate Jane to this excellent performance and we are very proud to call such an ambitious runner part of the On family! May you continue to run on clouds, dear Jane!

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