Posté 3rd June 2015

6 running adventures and what to pack. Meet the Nightrider. 

Running is an adventure to see and encounter new ground. Be that a late night run, conquering mountains, an Ironman or a deep forrest run. We joined six On runners on their running adventure and asked them what they pack and what makes them tick. Here is what they said.

 Lisa Binkert
Meet Lisa Binkert, Head of Trade Marketing at On and passionate runner, who captures the streets on late night runs.

What Lisa packs for her late night runs

What to pack as a Nightrider.

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Running at night is a natural high.
"Fresh air, the world around you slowing down and getting calmer: Running at night is a different sensation than running during the day. It’s a natural high, it’s automatically an adventure. Especially if some parts of the run are only lit up by your headlamp and you're forced to find your own way through the darkness. It powers you to stay alert while at the same time giving you a sense of peacefulness.

My favorite running experience is to run home from work. No matter if it’s cold or raining, it feels incredibly liberating taking the few steps after sitting in the office all day. Especially on a brisk night I look forward to my body warming up, getting into the flow, diving into the beautiful dark scenery around me. When I arrive at home, I’m ready to start my evening - feeling calm, refreshed, liberated.  It doesn’t get any better than that."

- Lisa Binkert
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