Posté 19th March 2015

The best running shoes for any distance

Are you training for your first 5K, a half marathon or the full marathon distance? Find the perfect running shoe combination to train and race in.

Your first 5K

For training: The Cloudster truly adapts to your foot and provides additional cushioning and support. It's your perfect training companion, bringing comfort and fun to your 5K training runs.

On race day: The Cloudsurfer brings together what normal running shoes don't: the soft landing of a training shoe combined with the dynamic kick of rapid competitive shoe: Unleash your speed on your first race.

On's best running shoe combination for your first 5K


Half marathon

For training: Soft landings and dynamic take-offs: the Cloudsurfer transforms running energy into forward motion, which makes it the ideal training partner to elevate your performance.

On race day: Light and responsive, the Cloudracer is your perfect speed companion on race day.

On's best running shoe combination for 21K



For training: With a soft landing and firm take off, the Cloudsurfer is an ideal companion for your marathon training.

On race day: Race the marathon in the world's lightest cushioned running shoe and enjoy complete comfort.

On's best running shoe combination for marathons


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