Posté 4th October 2013

Mary Beth Ellis, Ironman-triathlete

The American won four out of her first five Ironman races, broke three course records and got the titel of the fastest american women on the Ironman distance. As a newcomer, she sets new standards for the US Ironman women.

Mary Beth Ellis, known as MBE in the triathlon community, is one of the toughest triathletes in the world. She proves it over and over again. In 2005 her doctor diagnosed her with osteoarthritis and recommended to stop competing in marathons. Against the medical advise she quit her full time job as a marketing director one year later to concentrate and work on her professional triathlon career. She battled on her way up and soon she ran side by side with the top athletes.

In 2011 the comittee refused her Wild Card for the World Championships in Kona. So instead she grabbed the rest of the needed points by winning the Ironman Canada with a fabulous race. In Kona she only got to the fifteenth place, MBE returned home disappointed, just to come back the next year and race the fifth place at the Ironman World Championships.

This year Mary Beth Ellis is showing her remarkable strong will again. Six weeks before her big goal, the Ironman World Championships in Kona, she, as favourite, broke her collarbone while training. It would not be MBE, if she decided to resign. Despite injuries, she is preparing herself for Hawaii.

While very ambitious and tough in competition and training, Mary Beth is also very down-to-earth and grateful besides the racetrack. Her team mates from teamTBB, to which she belongs since two years, describe her as cheerful, big-hearted and a bit shy and as a person who looks back unassumingly on her achievements and is engaged on and off the track.

The 1.63 m tall, speedy american was involved in competition since childhood. Past then her passion was sailing. She originally comes from Washington and is now living in Colorado in the USA. In her spare time Mary Beth enjoys her time with her husband, likes to read, is a passionate coffee sipper and appreciates nature.

One of her secret weapons are her On shoes, with which she will run the World Championships in Kona this year:

After my crash and surgery a month before the world championships, I have been struggling with my swim and bike, but I knew that with my On shoes I was in the best shoe to help me make up the ground I need to during the marathon. 

Prior to the World Championships the delicate sevenfold Ironman Champion revealed another secret, about which she is a bit embarassed: When she’s trying to remember to run with a high cadence, she sings “Another One Bites the Dust" from the rock band Queen in her head.

In June 2015, Mary won the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championship in her Cloudracer. "Over the past year, I have struggled to race up to my potential. To finally execute on the biggest stage at a world championships was not only a validation of all the hard work but also a dream come true. At the start of 2015, I decided to focus on this world championships and Kona. Capturing this title was only possible with the support of the On family. I believe the cloud technology is a definite advantage in long distance triathlon events where you start the run on tired legs."

We are proud of our World Champion and excited to be part of Mary Beth's journey! 

May you continue to run on clouds! 

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