Posté 10th February 2015

„Has over-pronation seen its last days?“

New findings at the RUNNER'S-WORLD-running shoe symposium at the ISPO 2015 in Munich

Within the framework of the international sports trade fair (ISPO) in Munich, the 2nd RUNNER’S WORLD running shoe symposium took place on February 5. 180 experts from industry and trade signed up to discuss the future of the running shoe.
The speech of the internationally recognized shoe expert Professor Benno Nigg from the University of Calgary, Canada was highly anticipated. To open his speech, he focused on the topic "runners injuries: what role do the running shoes play?” and pronounced the traditional categorization of running shoes, which is primarily based on the touch-down and roll-over of the foot and its pronation – i.e. how far bends the foot when rolling inward – dead. Nigg also made it clear that both, the strength of pronation as well as the cushioning of a running shoe little correlated with the incidence of running injuries. Nigg showed by means of a study that the pronators were even the least frequently injured among the studied runners. His conclusion: "The vertical impacts, the vertical exposure level and the foot pronation are no causes of injury." In his opinion, the differences in moving patterns of runners that influence injury are much more "the muscles, joint moments, internal forces and the distribution of pressure".

But if pronation and impact forces cannot be contrived as a consulting criterion anymore, how does a runner find the perfect running shoe? Nigg is setting the focus on the so-called "preferred movement", which must not be changed by a running shoe, and the “comfort” of the runner.

Connecting to the question of the individually fitting running shoe and the key term “comfort”, Casper Coppetti, co-founder of the young Swiss running shoe brand On, took over the word. After winning the ISPO Brand New Award in 2013, On now won the ISPO Gold Award for the second time and was awarded as the best running shoe of the year. In only five years and with the unique sole technology of the Clouds, On has set the running shoe market in motion. Coppetti emphasizes that the perfect way to run does not exist, but rather a variety of running styles. "We have to move from correction to experience and comfort”, Coppetti goes on. "The focus has to move from the ankle to the whole body". With this holistic and individualized analysis the path leads away from a lifelong diagnosis and instead considers the progress over time. The customer and his personal comfort are the main focus.

On takes that step. Join us and experience a new running sensation.
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