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6 running adventures and what to pack. Meet the ultrarunner.

Running is an adventure to see and encounter new ground. Be that a late night run, conquering mountains, an Ironman or a deep forrest run. We joined six On runners on their running adventure and asked them what they pack and what makes them tick. Here is what they said.

 Yasuko Maehara
Meet Yasuko Maehara, one of the first employees at the On office in Japan and passionate long distance runner. In May 2015, she challenged herself with the Mount Fuji Ultramarathon. Find out how she got ready for her adventure and what she enjoyed most on the 100K run.
What Yasuko packed for her 100K adventure

6 running adventures and how to gear up for it - The Ultrarunner

“Discover a landscape you'd never see otherwise - with new friends right by your side"How’s the weather today? That was actually the first thought that came to my mind on race day. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, what the race is going to be like.

In 2007, I finished my first marathon in Honolulu. Ever since, I just kept on running. Until I joined a running team in 2013. Not just any team: Most of my running companions participated in ultra-marathons: 100km, 217km, 24hour track race - I was fascinated!

So, the decision to take part in a 100K run felt doable and natural to me. I always had a passion for long distance running - I enjoy every meter. And I just wanted to experience what my team members have done.

Obviously 100 kilometers is a long distance for me, but it was much more fun than expected. The things I clearly remember are conversations with other runners that made me relax. Especially during tough times, I always knew: I am not running alone. My friends are with me. We are trying hard and we’ll pull it through together.

For me, what makes Ultra-Running so special is that one can enjoy the long journey itself and discover a landscape you’d never see otherwise – with new friends right by your side."
- Yasuko Maehara

Yasuko’s running companion
Apart from good friends, Yasuko could also rely on another running companion during the race: The Cloudsurfer, providing a soft landing combined with an explosive take-off. Explore Yasuko’s shoe of choice:

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