Posté 24th February 2016

Cylance Pro Cycling Team

Those 9 girls are more than just pretty faces. Cylance Pro Cycling's mission is to inspire girls, boys, women and men around the world to live healthy lives and pursue their goals to achievement.

Since February 2016, the new U.S. registered UCI Women’s team Cylance Pro Cycling Team competes in the UCI Women’s World Tour. And it’s a promising bunch of ladies. Cylance Pro Cycling exists through a partnership between Cylance, Inc. and Inspire Sports, LLC. This partnership will allow the dedicated athletes on the team to focus on the 2016 Olympics by providing them all of the resources needed to pursue their individual and collective dreams of representing their countries. The recent creation of the UCI Women’s World Tour was the catalyst for this global effort of Cylance Pro Cycling’s corporate and bicycle industry partners.

We are excited to being a part of that journey and to support the Cylance Pro Cycling Team.


Shelley Olds – USA
Krista Doebel-Hickok – USA
Alison Tetrick – USA
Erica Zaveta – USA
Valentina Scandolara – Italy
Sheyla Gutierrez – Spain
Doris Schweizer – Switzerland
Kathryn Bertine – St. Kitts & Nevis
Rosella Ratto – Italy

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