Posté 5th June 2014

On the red carpet!

Camera, lights, action! Spot the celebrity with their On's.

It seems that not only athletes and fashion runways have taken a fine tune for On’s performance running shoes. Running on clouds meet the film industry, all the way down to the red carpet. Check out some of the celebrity spottings carrying the On.

Wim Wenders

Oscar nominated Wim Wenders, a German filmmaker best known for his films such as Buena Vista Social Club (1999) and Pina (2011), was spotted with the Cloudster on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival back in 2013.
Anecdote: Wim Wenders attempted to use his pair of On during the Oscars but was requested to change his shoes because they were not attire appropriate.

Emilio Aragón

Emilio Aragón, Spanish director, musician, actor, presenter and producer, known for his latest nominated film, A Night in Old Mexico (2014), is interviewed and spotted with his pair of Cloudster.
Read Emilio Aragón’s interview (and check out his Cloudster) on his latest film, A Night in Old Mexico (2014) here.

Satcha Pretto

Honduran Emmy award-winning Journalist, Satcha Pretto, was spotted on her instagram feed working out to the 4th #LetsMove initiative with her Dawn/Lavender Cloudsurfer and United State’s First Lady, Michelle Obama.

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