Publicado 2nd June 2015

6 running adventures and what to pack. Meet the Explorer.

Running is an adventure to see and encounter new ground. Be that a late night run, conquering mountains, an Ironman or a deep forrest run. We joined six On runners on their running adventure and asked them what they pack and what makes them tick. Here is what they said.

 Marc Maurer
Meet Marc Mauer, Chief Happiness Deliverer at On, who chose to conquer Norway earlier this year with friends in search of the Northern Lights and of course endless powder terrain.
Here’s what Marc packed for his Norwegian adventure:

What to pack as an explorer.

Norway’s breathtaking scenery was well worth the strenuous journey
"With the Arctic Circle long behind us and the North Pole only a few hundred kilometers in front of us we knew then and there that we were embarking on a new and captivating adventure. We began our journey in a fishing boat crossing a portion of the north sea which then dropped us at the bottom of the untouched Lyngen Alps. Uncharted territory for all of us.

Being this far away from civilization and modern comforts came with its fair share of challenges. Arctic temperatures, strong winds and unexplored trails and ascents meant we were dependent on our basic survival skills as well as our gear of course. Three days we navigated the icy terrain. Going “off the beaten path” now truly meant something.

We were well rewarded for our efforts to say the least. We had not only the privilege of seeing the once-in-a-lifetime vast icy landscape, but also the remarkable Northern Lights which illuminated the skies at night.

So wherever you are in the world, remember there are always new places and things to see and explore. No matter how big, or small your adventure - pack your bags, your friends and get out there."

- Marc Maurer
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What do Nightriders and Offroaders pack for their running adventures? See below:

>>> Find out what Ironmen, Urbanists and Ultrarunners pack for their running adventures.

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