Publicado 6th May 2015

Mauricio Mendez, young gun and uprising triathlon star

The cheeky young Mexican knows exactly what he wants to do in life: racing. Ladies and Gentlemen, make sure to remember this name. Mauricio Mendez has a bright future ahead!

Since 2014, the 19 years young Mauricio is racing on a professional level. And he does it in a way, that only young athletes dare to do: full speed and no regard to losses along the way. “To achieve my dreams, I’m ready to give everything I have” – and together with the support of his family and his sponsors,  Mauricio achieved first big successes on an international level (5th Place XTERRA World Championship 2014, 3rd Place IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey 2015 and 3rd Place XTERRA US Series 2014). For the young athlete, this is only the beginning: “My ultimate goal is to become a multiple World Champion in different distances of triathlon”, he states. 
But there’s more to it than that. The oldest of three brothers attaches great importance to his responsibility to his environment. “I want to be the best version of myself. I want to be someone and I want to give and help through sport. Currently I am studying to become a Health Coach. I have ideas about a new approach of triathlon that I would love to implement together with my Dad”, he states. And the beaming in his eyes reveals how serious he is.
And to achieve that goal, he is happy enough to count on the most important thing in life: “I have the biggest support possible from my family and friends”. His father is more moreover also the biggest inspiration to Mauricio. “He once told me to be bold, to fight for what I love and to always have present that success means being able to spend your life in your own way. But in the same time he also told me to do whatever it takes to find balance, to be clear about what your priorities are and be consistent with it. And that is what brought me to where I stand today: the support and love of my family and the will to fight for my dream”.

Mauricio vibrates of energy when he’s being asked about his future plan: “I don't like to put a limit on anything, but I want to be a world champion and an Olympic medallist at some point in the future. There is always a chance and I am ready to train even harder and make sacrifices to take that chance. I am convinced that with On, I found the right partner for my future. On supports big dreams and helps us as athletes to become a better version of us in multiple ways, running of course, but it's a lot more than that. On is a brand that is always pushing limits, looking for new ways to improve and help athletes to succeed”.

We are excited to be part Mauricio’s journey and will be more than happy to see him reaching all his goals! Run on clouds, Mauricio!

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