Publicado 18th May 2015

6 running adventures and what to pack. Meet the Ironman.

Running is an adventure to see and encounter new ground. Be that a late night run, conquering mountains, an Ironman or a deep forrest run. We joined six On runners on their running adventure and asked them what they pack and what makes them tick. Here is what they said.

Ladi Demko
Meet Ladi Demko, On Athlete Manager and former professional triathlete. In his active days as an athlete, he climbed the podium several times at Ironman Championships around the world and qualified for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. Today, he provides us an exclusive insight into the world of an Ironman.

How Ladi packs for his Ironman adventures

6 running adventures and how to gear up for it - The Ironman

“Find the point where you can say to yourself: There is no limit”
"The first step of an Ironman feels like sitting on an airplane for the first time and taking of the runway. Body and mind are completely focused; I’m in search of my own limits. Watching other champions pushing their boundaries at extremely powerful races as the Ironman, I get inspired to test myself: What can I reach when I break out of my comfort zone?
Motivation is key, especially on long distance runs. I mainly split my race into short distances and short intervals, where I focus on distances I can notice or see. Once you get there, you focus on the next one.

Just go out there, try to find out what you are capable to do. Find the point where you can say to yourself: There is no limit. Once you reach that state of mind, everything is possible."

- Ladi Demko

Ladi’s next challenge
With great motivation and discipline, Ladi finished 18 Ironman races so far. And even after retiring from professional triathlon, he still enjoys the challenge. Next time, he’ll lace up his Cloud at the Ironman Cozumel, Mexico. Explore Ladi’s shoe of choice: The Cloud, the world’s lightest fully cushioned running shoe.

What do Urbanists and Ultramarathoners pack for their running adventures? See below.

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