Publicado 22nd July 2015

Concrete, now softer than ever with the new Cloudcruiser.

Ladies and Gentleman, please meet our latest hero: the On Cloudcruiser. A shoe, that brings together the best out of two worlds and combines the excellent cushioning of a stability shoe with a surprising lightness.

The Cloudcruiser takes full advantage of the patented CloudTec® sole, giving both a cushionined landing and a powerful takeoff. Ultimate comfort is guaranteed.  And the Cloudcruiser is of good nature: the midsole, with its flexible Speedboard, allows you to maintain your individual running style and even forgives the occasional misstep – both on and offroad.

“We wanted to create a shoe that keeps you in your comfort zone and offers outstanding impact protection”, explains Co-Founder and 6-time Ironman Champion Olivier Bernhard. “The new Cloudcruiser makes concrete easy and is the ideal companion for long-distance runs or for high-impact runners.“

The first long runs with the Cloudcruiser have already successfully been accomplished: “I tested the shoe on and offroad and I am delighted! It is absolutely stable and offers a perfect fit. Also while running down I enjoyed a firm connection between shoe and the underground. The heel elements also supported me in a very pleasant way. A really amazing running sensation!”, says a tester of On.

Also, for a running trip to Mallorca the Cloudcruiser is the perfect companion. The conclusion of a tester after a proper testing in the scenery of the rural Tramuntana Mountains: “The shoe proved effectively on the long distance runs. Perfect stance and fit. I didn’t slip while running up- or downhill and enjoyed good grip. A really nice running sensation. The support also convinced me on passages on concrete.”

Win the battle beneath your feet and transform impact into an easy, natural run.

The Cloudcruiser will be available at dealers as well as in our webshop from July on  and will push your limits in Midnight/Mars and Grey/Ink for men and Smoke/Pearl and Aqua/Moon for women.


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