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“ I ran 5 mountain, 2 city, 1 cross-country marathon and two ultras with over 2000KMs of training. A big thank you to On for the amazing shoes — made every step feel great. ”

from Christian Langenegger
1547 days ago

“ I am a shoe companie's nemisis but On struck gold on the Cloudracers ”

from jodieswallow
1546 days ago

“ First run with On Cloudsurfer... Impressed! Comfort and efficiency: a must for serious runners ”

from StefanoDelfonzo
1551 days ago

“ Ready to go again. Thank you On and teamTBB! ”

from Caroline_Xena
1558 days ago



The UK based magazine Running Fitness says the Cloudsurfer Prism Ediiton is at cutting-edge of innovation.

Posted 19th December 2012

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The Wizard(s) of On

The Wizard(s) of On

Now it's official: the Cloudtec system is more than a great invention, it's magic.

Posted 13th December 2012

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“ Just got my new pair of Cloudsurfers and already love them. Such a great shoe, thanks ”

from Golds88
1568 days ago

“ Solid 11 mile run, every stride a pleasure thanks to my On Cloudsurfers! Now a quick swim to cap off a great weekend! ”

from Siggitriathlon
1570 days ago

“ Took Jacqui Slack for a trail run around the Wollongong Mountains... #exploring #beautiful ”

from Benny_Allen
1572 days ago

Winter break?

Winter break?

While On Headquarters enjoys winter wonderland, several On athletes fought heat and challenges all around the globe - and even won.

Posted 10th December 2012

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