Posted 4th June 2014

„Worrying about how good everyone else is wouldn't help me go faster!“

Interview with Emma Pooley who won the silver medal at Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil.

How was your race morning?
I felt nervous... as usual. I often don't sleep so well the night before a big race - especially if I'm worried I might sleep through my alarm! But physically, I felt pretty fresh. I had breakfast (porridge and tea), drove to Rapperswil (thanks Nick for lending me his car!), totally failed to find a good parking spot, walked 15 min to transition, sorted out all my kit (I had checked my bike in the day before)... and by then, I'd almost run out of time to warm up.

How did you view the competition?
I was scared! There were some really awesome athletes on the start line, so to be honest I tried not to think about the competition too much because it just made me feel a bit hopeless. I figured, that all I could do anyway was just focus on my own race and do the best I could. Worrying about how good everyone else is wouldn't help me go faster!

Did you have a specific strategy for the race?
I didn't really know how well I could do against the other athletes, because I'm not too familiar with the triathlon scene and who is in good form at the I wasn't aiming for a particular position.
The only real strategy I had was to try to find a good pair of feet in the swim. I failed in that unfortunately, got dropped pretty early and ended up leading a few others round the swim. After that my strategy was just to ride and run as fast as I could!

The swim did not went so well for you, the bike you are very familiar with – what about the run?
The run felt really good! I was surprised actually, I didn't feel too tired from the bike at all. I guess maybe I got my taper right. And those Cloudracers are just perfect race shoes - light and low, I felt almost like I was running barefoot (only with less calf pain!).

How did u like the weather for competing?
Perfect - sunny, beautiful, cool in the morning but not cold. It was warming up though as I was finishing and I think for some of the age group athletes it would have been very tough on the run in the heat - respect to them for getting through it!

What was the atmosphere like? You must have had lots of fans out there…
Really fantastic! There were loads of spectators out cheering for everyone, and it's a beautifully scenic course anyway. As I'm (sort of!) local, there were lots of people who know me out watching too - it was so nice to have friends out supporting me, especially on the run. And the Tempo Sport and Training & Diagnostics guys were cheering for me too - that was great :-) I think it was a wonderful atmosphere for all the competitors though.

How did you feel after you crossed the finish line?
Pretty happy to be on the podium! And even more happy to see so many friends in the crowd.

You realized a new run course record in Rapperswil. Congratulations! How did you react when you learned about it? Quite an achievement for a bike pro...
I was rather surprised to find I set a course record on the run - and delighted of course. Some really strong athletes have raced at Rapperswil over the years so I certainly never thought I'd manage that! For example Nicola Spirig...I'm totally in awe of her running! But I knew I was in ok shape from a few recent runs in training and that I actually probably run better off the bike than fresh. I've been advised in my training lately by Lorenz and Reto at Training&Diagnostics in Wiedikon, which has really helped. And I really enjoyed that run at Rapperswil - I had loads of friends out supporting me and that definitely adds some energy!

Where can we see you competing next?
I have a (cycling) stage race in Spain, then the (cycling) national championships, then the Giro, then the Commonwealth Games... so it will be a little while until I can do another triathlon. Later in the season!

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