Posted 2nd June 2015

6 running adventures and what to pack. Meet the Offroader.

Running is an adventure to see and encounter new ground. Be that a late night run, conquering mountains, an Ironman or a deep forrest run. We joined six On runners on their running adventure and asked them what they pack and what makes them tick. Here is what they said.

 Lesley Paterson
Meet Lesley Paterson, XTERRA triathlon World Champion and fitness coach. As a professional triathlete, she challenges herself with off-road triathlons and climbs podiums all over the world. She just recently celebrated the first place at the XTERRA Laguna Beach in the US. Today, she provides us an exclusive insight into her world.
What Lesley packs for her XTERRA off-road triathlon adventures:

6 running adventures and how to gear up for it - The Ironman

“The secret to growth and happiness starts with facing your fears.”
"At seven years of age, I played rugby. I loved getting muddy and the ‘rough and tumble’ atmosphere with the boys. Later, when I started running over the hills in Scotland with my dad at age 10 and did my first triathlon at 12, I fell in love with the sport. I felt free and in touch with nature. I still do. There’s nothing I love more than running off the road with the smells and the sounds of nature.

Of course I sometimes face anxiety before a competition. But even then, I feel happy, grateful and thankful to start this race today. How do I conquer it? I break every race into tiny chunks. Perhaps 1 mile at a time. I ONLY think about that one mile. All I need to do is race that one mile. Everything becomes easier to manage when you carve it up like that. As the old saying goes: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One. Bite. At. A. Time.

The secret to growth and happiness starts with facing your fears. Most of the things that stop us from being brave are based on silly and false assumptions about the consequences of failure. But why bothering about that? It's your journey. Learn to embrace the feelings of uncertainty and risk – it’s really freeing when you simply don’t care what others think."

- Lesley Paterson
Over hill and dale with the Cloudracer
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What do Nightriders and Explorers pack for their running adventures? See below.

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