Posted 29th August 2014

Two American top On athletes are facing the triathlon World championship challenges.

Kevin Collington participates at the 5150 and 70.3 World Series as well as Mary Beth Ellis.

On Sunday, both will start at the 5150 Championships and a week after at the 70.3 World Series Finals.

Kevin focuses on the 5150 Champs and 70.3 World Champs as his two big priorities for 2014. He has been targeting his training towards these two races all year. As the two races are taking place within two weeks only, it is a challenge for the athletes to not overexert themselves.  Kevin Collington's plan for the two races looks like this:

"After the HyVee 5150 Champs it is all about recovery. I will fly to Mont Tremblant on Thursday. My training will at first all be very easy and then once I arrive in Canada I will do some very short, hard efforts again to get ready for 70.3 Worlds. In between training sessions I just relax and stay off my legs so I can recover from HyVee."

Last year he did the same two races and had the best combined result out of all the athletes who did the 5150 and 70.3 double. He placed 5th and 6th.

For both races, his shoe of choice is the On Cloudracer:

"The Cloudracer is light and responsive and perfect for 10k and half-marathon so it is a natural choice for these two upcoming races. I like running in On because of the consistency of training the shoes allow – I used to be plagued by running injuries but once I started doing the majority of my training in the Cloudsurfer I haven’t had any interruptions to training due to injury."

We cross our fingers for Mary Beth Ellis and Kevin Collington! *Run On Clouds*

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