Posted 12th May 2015

3 marathons in 1 months? Train like world-class athlete Jane Fardell.

Australian long-distance runner and On athlete Jane Fardell is the star at European marathons. Exclusively for On runners, Jane set up a 6-week training plan, bringing each runner to the next level. 

Rome, Paris, Zurich: In only one month, Jane entered three different races all over Europe and showed an impressive performance: Looking effortless, she crossed each finish line within less than 2:47h.

This didn’t happen by chance. Jane’s key to success: the perfect running shoe, a good recovery and an efficient training. With your Ons, you already took care of the right running shoes. With Jane's training plan, you’ll now increase your pace as well as build up your endurance. The plan is suitable for experienced runners who want to improve their 10K time or who are training for half and full marathons.

The 6-week plan is split into two parts, each consisting of 3 sessions per week: A speed session, a build as well as an endurance run. Start a 3-week training with the “Start” plan. Continue your training for another 3 weeks with the “Keep on” plan to push your performance even further.

Your "Start" training plan for the first 3 weeks

Train with world-class marathoner Jane Fardell - START

You are looking for the right running shoe to train and compete in? For interval sessions, Jane recommends the ultra-light yet fully cushioined Cloud. For most of the marathons, she laces up the dynamic Cloudsurfer.

Your "Keep on" training plan for the following 3 weeks
After 3 weeks working with the “Start” training schedule, you are ready to move to the “Keep on” plan. The special speed session “Mona Fartlek”, inspired by marathon legend Steve Moneghetti, provides a challenging variety to your training routine.

Train with world-class marathoner Jane Fardell - KEEP ON

To set new impulses, Jane likes to pick the ultra-fast Cloudracer on short, dynamic runs. For an effective recovery after a tough race, she swears by the comfortable Cloudster.

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>>> 3 marathons in 1 month – read on to find out how Jane conquered that challenge and why she puts her confidence in On to reach her goals.

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