Posted 22nd May 2014

The 6 best ways to lace your running shoes.

Your feet are unique - bring them ultimate comfort with the lacing technique that fits their form. Enjoy your run!

Loop lacing
For a comfy instep: make a loop! This gives a comfortable and snug fit to prevent the foot from moving around in the shoe whatever terrain you are running on. Featuring the Cloudsurfer.

Diagonal lacing
Free your toes: take the diagonal route. Lift the toe box and follow the natural motion of your foot – just like the diagonal stitching on your Ons. Featuring the Cloudsurfer.

Cross-over lacing
For those who arch higher: try cross-over lacing. Simply loosen up the middle part to make more space for your peaks. Featuring the Cloudrunner.

For a high midfoot: skip, skip, skip. Similar to the cross-over lacing, but even simpler. Just skip the lacing where you want to allow more room. Featuring the Cloudsurfer.

Speed laces
For the fast and the lazy: get the easy-entry lacing of the On Cloud. A single elastic lace makes it possible to jump into the Cloud in less than 3 seconds. Featuring the Cloud.

Extra eyelet
For those who easily slip out: tie again. Equipped with an extra eyelet and an additional performance lace, the Cloud helps you to stay inside the shoe. We call it the seat belt of the shoe. Featuring the Cloud.

Each On comes with a technical performance lace that allows for your individual lace technique. Our Cloud model, the lightest fully cushioned performance shoe worldwide, features an easy-entry system that does not require lacing at all. 

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