Posted 18th December 2013

Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy

Bringing Peace through Education

With the help of friends, the Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy opened its doors to orphaned and displaced children from tribes affected by conflict and/or HIV/Aids on the 3rd of January 2012. Since its opening, the school accommodates a total 216 children. That is 105 boys and 111 girls from Nursery school to Class Five.

“Children face the greatest challenge as far as suffering and neglects are.“ - Tegla Loroupe

Given Tegla’s own upbringing, her childhood dream & vision is to help solve the plight of children affected by massive illiteracy, poverty and conflict. She believes that together we can make a difference in the lives of children affected by cattle rustling conflicts. Asking Tegla about her very best day in life, she would answer:

"In sport, when I crossed the finish line in New York to win the New York Marathon. In my community, the day that we opened our school for over 200 children, many orphaned in cattle raids and violence in water disputes in our area, when I could see the joy and hope on the faces of the children."

The school houses an administration area, a completed classroom, toilets and a cafeteria for the children. They also provide free lunch and porridge as often enough, in the pastoral communities, there is not enough food at home. The meals that are provided by the school are a good way to channel vital nourishment for the children, helping them concentrate better as they study.

Tucked in with their new blue colored uniforms, the opportunity for an education is reflected dedicatedly among the students that even several of them would wake up at 3 in the morning in order to get to school on time.  When a student is asked what they hope to become in the future, their eyes are set on Tegla Loroupe, a mentor and inspiration for the future generation of Kenya.

In support of Tegla Loroupe’s foundation, every pair of shoe bought between the 4th-18th of December, another is sent to Kenya. Making a holiday season change, From Athlete to Athlete. Buy a pair. Give a pair.

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