Posted 8th November 2012

Tegla Loroupe, Marathon legend

“Bringing peace through sports and development in the greater horn of Africa Region”. That’s the proverb of Tegla Loroupe’s Peace Foundation she established in 2003.

When Tegla was a child, no one could have anticipated, that the skinny and small little girl will become a marathon legend and a global spokesperson for peace, women's rights and education.
Tegla Loroupe grew up in a village in Kenya with 24 siblings. She spent her childhood working fields, tending cattle and looking after younger brothers and sisters. At the age of six, she had to run ten kilometres to and from school every morning. At school, she became aware of her potential as an athlete when she won races held over a distance of 800 or 1500 metres against students much older. She decided to pursue a career as a runner. However, except for her mother, she was not supported by anyone.

The Kenyan athletics federation, Athletics Kenya, did not support her at first, thinking Loroupe was too small and too thin. However, after she won a prestigious cross country barefoot race in 1988, this changed. She began to train to compete internationally the following year, earning her first pair of running shoes in 1989, which she wore only for particularly rough races.

Since then she won countless races. Her biggest successes include world records over 20, 25 and 30 kilometres as well as the past record over the marathon distance. Loroupe is winner of marathons such as New York, Berlin, Rotterdam or London and is one of the most inspiring persons in the world of running.

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In 2003 Tegla startet her Peace Foundation. Since then, Tegla realizes many different projects fighting against conflicts, poorness and injustice: a school for orphans and abandoned children in Africa, Child Sponsorships and programs for tribal warriors to leave behind their weapons - these are just a few of Teglas projects. The top athlete from Africa is convinced that sports are able to transport the feeling of togetherness and awareness about peace.
Since the founding of the On company, the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation has received  our support. In 2006 she was named a United Nations Ambassador for Sports and Peace and has since become a worldwide ambassador for On as well. On feels honored to work with Tegla and to also support her role as peace ambassador.

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