Posted 10th September 2013

Sauber F1 Team

The Sauber F1 Team from Zurich is a succesful company in the top class of motorsports: Formel 1. Since the beginning of 2013 On equips the Sauber F1 Team with the award-winning performance-runners.

In 1967 Peter Sauber used to drive to work every day in a VW Beetle – until a friend persuaded him to have some tuning work done. For a bit of fun he then entered it in a few club races. Far more significantly, it sparked his passion for tinkerin with cars. He modified hit Beetle to such an extent that eventually it was no longer fit for road use. In the cellar of his parents’ home in Zurich finally the first model of a racing car was created: the Sauber C1. Peter Sauber used the first name of his wife Christiane as the model designation. With this the first step was done and many others followed: two-seated racing sports cars, the step into self-employment, a factory on the premises from Sauber Senior in Hinwil, the market entry into the Formel 1.

At the latest since the breakthrough after the turn of the millennium the Sauber Motorsport AG is known as Swiss traditional company and family business. So it seems likely, that Sauber cooperates also with local suppliers. In february 2013 the Sauber Motorsport AG signed the commercial partnership with On.

„We are pleased about working together with a Swiss Company“, says Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO of the Sauber F1. „On is a young, innovative company, that is in line with us perfectly. For our members are using their less free moments to jog around the racetrack and keep themselves in a good shape.“

The Sauber F1 Team and On have got a lot in common: They are related not only geographically – Sauber in Hinwil and On in Zurich-Zollikon. The Sauber F1 Team stands for innovation and accuracy – as well as the On-Shoes. Racesports implies speed, endurance and reaction. These attributes you need for working at the racingtrack and it demands an accurate equipment.
On-Shoes connect comfort and speed. So they offer exactly what a Formel 1 pilot needs for race preparation. A racer has to be well trained to keep up with the top. The current Sauber pilots Marcus Ericsson, Felipe Nasr und Raffaele Marciello are wearing On-Shoes in training to optimise their effort thanks to the unique Cloud-Technology.

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