Posted 18th January 2013

On running tip Nº 7: Wear the right shoes!

Today we’re coming to the end of our running tips and hope they will come in handy throughout your 2013 running year.

When it comes to choosing your running shoes, it’s the way they feel on your feet that is the most important criterion of all. And don’t worry: your feet are well capable of telling you which shoes are right and which ones will have you longing for your run to end almost as soon as you’re out of the door...

Olivier Bernhard has put all his professional athlete experience into designing the On running shoes and recommends the Cloudsurfer for experienced runners.

Just so that you don’t miss out on anything, we have summed up a PDF containing all running tips from 3-times world champion and 6-times Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard. Just use them and nothing will hold you back anymore. Keep on running...

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