Posted 28th August 2014

Runner's World UK features the Cloudsurfer with "Best Runner's Debut" Award.

Another breakthrough for the Swiss Sports Company On. 

The exposure of the On Cloudsurfer in the UK Runner's World shoe guide is another breakthrough for the young Swiss Sports brand On. It is an honor to see the On Cloudsurfer as one of only 4 shoes pulled out and given a greater platform and even awarded with the "Best Runner's Debut"- emblem.

"They're designed to dissipate impact forces when your foot lands and to provide energy return by helping to push your foot back off the floor during toe-off. They proved excellent at both; testers loved the mix of light weight and suprinsing stability."

Click here to read the whole review of the On Cloudsurfer in the latest Runner's World UK shoe guide.

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The On Cloudsurfer competitive running shoe with its patented CloudTec® system.

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