Posted 19th April 2016

Recovery Tips from Marathon Power Lady Jane Fardell

Three in a month: Taiwan, Rome and now Zurich Marathon coming up this Sunday, April 24, 2016. You surely have to have faith in your body to be up to the challenge to race three Marathons in one month. 

Marathon runner Jane Fardell is pushing her body to the limits. She has already proven last year she got what it takes to finish three marathons in a row. But how can you prepare for the next race while still recovering from the last one? Jane is sharing her best recovery tips with the On community:

"Recovery always depends on how fast you run the marathon in, for me the quicker I run the longer my body needs to recover. 

However, I know a few things to speed up the process
- take advantage of the free massage services after the race
- keep moving, easy walk right after the race
- if possible, go for an easy swim, or spin your legs off on a bike, only for a short time, but it helps to get rid of the stiffness
- rehydrate correctly and listen to your body, if it is craving salt, eat something salty

Also don't rush back into training, keep sessions the week after a marathon short so the quality is there, just practice regaining your run cadence by doing short efforts but nothing at 100%, most important again to listen to your body.

My preferred shoe for racing is the Cloudsurfer as it is light, responsive and comfortable, which is very important especially when running some of the bigger European marathons where the surface is mainly cobblestones.
All in all, this worked out very well for me –  but of course recovery is as individual as running itself and you better should try out what works best for you."

We wish Jane good luck at the Zurich Marathon at the 24th of April. May she run fast On Clouds. We are going to cheer her on.

Read more about Jane’s shoe of choice, the Cloudsurfer.

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