Posted 23rd June 2016

The athlete
• Ironman Sweden Champion
• Challenge Vitoria Champion
• Top 20 in the World (INWC 2015)

The motto
“Accept the "grind". Make the sacrifices it takes. Suffer through, and push beyond your limits because that will make the difference one day.”

The story
Pedro completed his first triathlon in Kona, 2004, finishing close to the bottom of the pack. 10 years later he won his first iron-distance race. Having come from a non-sports background, Pedro says that overcoming the “grind” is what spurred him on to become a professional athlete – and is what he uses to motivate others to greatness.

The shoe
“The line "running on clouds" says it all with the Cloudflyer. They’re extremely light, yet size-wise are just like other running shoe… Only that they look cooler too.”

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