Posted 16th January 2013

On running tip Nº 5: High-intensity intervals – the secret weapon

All sports activities need to be based on a firm foundation. After that, it’s variety that will help you make the first tangible improvements in your overall performance. 

But for the real performance gains, short “high-intensity intervals” (or sprints) are what you need. Under the high-intensity interval approach, a typical training session could consist of 20 minutes of warm-up jogging, followed by three to five 20-second (maximum) sprints interspersed with 1 minute 40 seconds of light jogging, followed by five minutes of warm-down jogging. These aggressive sprints will serve as a shock to your entire organism. Your whole body is challenged to respond to this stress under highest strain. Uphill sprints are even more effective here, as you will need to simultaneously train power, clean technique coupled with speed and endurance.

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