Posted 27th September 2013

On hits the headlines!

Within the last 10 days, magazines around the world reviewed the shoe which lets you run on clouds.

Magazines from Europe, America and Asia recently covered the On Shoe - as well very relevant titles.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary issue, VMAN, the leading American lifestyle magazine, picks the On Cloudsurfer amongst the top athletic footwear of the season. VMAN pictured the On Cloudsurfer next to top brands like Adidas and Calvin Klein.
Click here to see the illustration.

Gearist, a site providing gear news for those who love the outdoors,  reviews the Cloudracer and Cloudrunner and briefly describes the On story. "You may be surprised what running on a cut-up garden hose can feel like" (Gearist).
Click here and get to the full review.

Gearist TV as well produced a Videoreview about the Cloudracer.
Watch it here.

Zest Magazine, a magazine from the UK targeting women who are looking for health, beauty and fitness advice, released an interview Jacqui Slack, a top athlete sponsored by On where she gives running tips and recommends the On shoes: "They have bubbles on the bottom, and as soon as I put them on they really improved my running technique. (...) Since wearing them, my legs haven’t hurt so much – they’re very comfortable, and are great for preventing injuries."
Read the whole article from Zest Magazine.

Next to these big names, there are several other magazines reviewing On. Check out the popular running portal from Singapore or Men's Running Magazine from UK.

Such great reviews make us proud - and remember: Keep On Running!

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