Posted 28th November 2016

On challenges ZHdK students to interpret “runner’s high” in second video collaboration

In partnership with Zurich’s University of the Arts, ZHdK, On set students a challenge to celebrate the launch of the new Cloudflow: how to interpret the idea of “runner’s high” in a creative way.

The result of the project was two short videos, the first of which is was released on Friday and the second today.

Tying in with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” the students wanted to encapsulate the freedom running brings from daily life and stress, while combining that idea with a more fantastical world representative of the runner’s high.

The first video, simply entitled “Black Friday”, opens on a female runner in a busy city (see it here).

Today, the second video is released – “Cyber Monday” – and focuses this time on a male runner.

“Phase one of the cyber Monday video starts with a very digital and more abstract world,” said the ZHDK students. “Zero and one digits in the background as well as on the floor remind us of how omnipresent the digital world is in our life. The runner runs over a loading bar, loading the runner’s high – and in the skyline we embedded hardware devices to give it an even more technical feel to it.”

In the foreground you can see many icons of apps which play a very important part in our life and sometimes overwhelm us with information. This ties in with the steps, as “no distractions” are needed to reach the high.

In the second part of the video, the runner runs through a more natural feeling world. We divided the second phase into two parts, but that are both the same world, and focuses more and more on the beauty of nature, yet with strange and even eerie touches (needed for the high – step 8). The flamingos add a very colourful and dreamy touch but in general, the colours are kept quite bright to anticipate the sharpened senses we have on a runner’s high.

In the end, the world collapses into the shoe with a shout of excitement (one of the steps needed to increase hormones for the high).
Says On, “Again the students have produced a world that is captivating and filled with hidden and symbolic messages relating to runner’s high. As with the first video from the students, we are hugely impressed and cannot see what creativity they bring to the next collaboration together.”

Both videos can be seen on YouTube here.
To learn more about the steps to runner’s high click here

See the new Cloudflow here

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