Posted 10th August 2016

Hometown: Milmont Park, PA (Philly burbs)

Currently Resides: Conshohocken, PA (Another Philly Burb)

Running Love (Why do you love it? When did you fall in love with it? What do you love about it?) I actually hated to run back during the high school track and cross country days. Years later, after breaking up with my girlfriend and having WAY more extra time than anticipated, I started to run again and fell in love. It was the first thing I did that was solely for me. It allows me (for the sake of being too hippy) find my center. To run and explore only using your own body is a really empowering thing and at the same time an enlightening experience. I run not to think more, but less.

Spirit Animal. A fox or a squirrel. Do foxes eat squirrels? My answer is fox.

What is your coveted superpower? The ability to read minds BUT only when they’re good thoughts. If someone is thinking bad thoughts bout me then I just want to hear my favorite Pandora channel.

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you? Listens to understand.

Words of wisdom for new runners? You will ALWAYS feel better after a run than you did before. Keep it simple. Start by running 3 days a week and see how your body and “life schedule” respond. The most important thing is to just start.

What does representing On mean to you? It gives me another way to keep spreading that running love. I’ve toiled for YEARS trying to find the right shoe, but the feeling you get when you ACTUALLY find the perfect shoe for YOU is indescribable. On has given me that feeling and I can’t wait to share it with the world! (Starting in the U.S.)

Favorite distance to run? 8 miles is a nice sweet spot, but any day I’m able to run any distance is a good day. 

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