Posted 8th August 2016

Hometown: Baldwin, New York

Currently Resides: New York, New York

Running Love:  As a college cheerleader, I used to have nightmares about running the timed mile. I’d finish my fourth lap around the track and lie breathless for a long time, grateful that I didn’t have to do that again for another year. After graduating, I started working long hours in a finance job. I started running as a way to distract myself from the stresses of stocks and bonds and quickly became addicted! Now I run to clear my mind, to catch up with friends, and to explore a new city. Not to mention, it’s pretty nice to be able to eat all the ice cream that I want 

Spirit Animal:  A Hyena – I’m always laughing!

What is your coveted superpower?  I wish I could turn back the clock… I’m always running late!

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you? Passionate, generous, and bubbly Words of wisdom for new runners?  Don’t quit – I promise it gets easier!

What does representing On mean to you?  It’s such an honor to be representing On.  Before I started running in Ons, I was constantly battling injuries. I was in a terrible cycle where I would start running well and then get sidelined for a few months and have to start my training all over again. I was actually at a triathlon store buying a road bike (since I couldn’t run as much) and the salesman was wearing the Cloudsurfer and recommended that I give them a try. Ever since, I have been running injury free and faster than ever! Ons completely saved my relationship with running. When I’m wearing my Ons, I feel unstoppable – it’s like I’m running on clouds!  By representing On, I hope to spread the word so that other runners can feel unstoppable too!

Favorite distance to run? My favorite distance to run is the half marathon.  I like running at a pace that is just below breathless.  I feel like it’s the perfect distance to really push my limits.  I also like that it’s a long enough distance to feel like I trained for something and accomplished something great, but not so long that it is all-consuming.

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