Posted 8th August 2016

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Currently Resides: Seattle, Washington

Running Love: The road, the track, the trail, or even the treadmill…no matter where I am running, I am free.  Free of stress, free of worry, free to roam and free to explore. 

Spirit Animal: Powder Hound. In the off season I love to ski, and I have a nose to get steep and deep!

What is your coveted superpower? Mind Reader….life would be so much easier.

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you? Happy, Sincere, Dedicated

Words of wisdom for new runners? Stick with it, fast or slow, just keep running.  After a few weeks, one mile becomes two, two become four, and soon you are able to run a marathon. Most importantly, enjoy every step.  Sometimes they hurt, other times your legs are light as feathers, but always run with a smile!

What does representing On mean to you? I am honored to be part of the On family.  I started running with On shoes after watching the Ironman World Championship in 2013. A number of athletes including champion Freddy Van Lierde, were wearing these amazing new shoes.  Every runner is in a perpetual search for the perfect shoe; one that is light, yet durable, and feels like it is propelling rather than slowing you down. On is an organization that puts so much emphasis on high quality and performance and I am proud to share my On experiences with the running
and endurance communities.

Favorite distance to run: Marathon. To me, no other race tests mental fortitude and physical readiness like the marathon.

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