Posted 4th October 2013

Competing at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii despite an injury

Mary Beth Ellis bites down hard and shows more than ambition.

The sevenfold Ironman Champion and favourite for the titel of World Champion from America proves her absolutely unbreakable will one more time. Six weeks before the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, Mary Beth crashed on her bike while training and broke her collarbone. Against all the expectations, she is currently training and preparing for her dream to come true. To give up is not in Mary Beth’s nature.

Despite osteoarthritis she continues her career as a professional triathlete and powers up to the top. Two years earlier she took part at the Ironman World Championships for the first time and ran the fifteenth placeonly because of her overtrained body. In 2012 she competed her way up again and finished on the fifth place. This year MBE, how she is known in the triathlon world, is considered among the favourites.

„I am excited  to race again with Caroline Steffen. Both of us got a great shoe with the On and the potential to be on the podium. I really don't care about the order, it just would be great to both be up there. My goal is definitely to get the closest to the first place I can.“

Mary Beth’s current season is almost perfect. Three big races, three victories and two new records. At the Ironman 70.3 in Florida she ran first through the finish line, five minutes in advance of her secondplaced competitor and sets a new record within. In Nizza, France MBE proved she belongs to the top athletes of  the world. During the whole race she is lead and finished the race 10 minutes ahead of anyone else as the undisputable winner – again setting a new record. Mary Beth sweeps again at the unique Alp d’Huez Long Course Triathlon in France with ist legendary bike climb which is infamous from the Tour de France. Everything was running like clockwork for the American. But then a couple of weeks before the aspirational World Championships, came the crash in training followed by a bone fracture.
And what is Mary Beth’s reaction?
At the moment she is training in Colorado to come closer to her dream about World Championship gold. That’s MBE.

"I am so excited to be racing in Kona in my On Cloudracers.  After mycrash and surgery a month before the world championships, I have beenstruggling with my swim and bike, but I know that with my On shoes Iwill be in the best shoe to help me make up the ground I need to during the marathon. I feel so lucky to be in the fastest most amazing running shoe out there.  My On shoes are definitely a competitive advantage on race day!"

Will Mary Beth Ellis make the sensation come true and while still in healing run to the titel of the World Champion?
We believe in her!

            May the Cloudracer fly you to the finish line!

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