Posted 8th August 2016

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Currently Resides: Brooklyn, New York

Running Love (Why do you love it? When did you fall in love with it? What do you love about it?): I love running because it’s a great way to push my limits physically and mentally. It’s one of my ways of staying grounded. I first fell in love with it when I was an NCAA college basketball player. During my last couple of years as a player I started cross training more heavily with running as way to improve my game on the court. Running ended up giving me so much more than just a way to improve my game on the court.   Running became an escape and a way for me to healthily challenge myself. It became an active meditation.  

Spirit Animal: Fox

What is your coveted superpower?: Seeing and supporting the best in others even when they can’t see it.

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you?: Loyal Consistent Patient

Words of wisdom for new runners?: Cross training with flexibility and strength training is always a good idea. Both will help you in the long run with either injury prevention or getting better as an athlete. The sooner you can learn to incorporate them into your workout regimen the better!

What does representing On mean to you?: Representing On means aligning with the only brand of fitness shoes I love to workout with! For the past few years they are the only pair of shoes that I wear whether I am hitting the pavement for a few miles or knocking out a workout in the gym.

Favorite distance to run? 5k

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