Posted 23rd October 2013

Lesley Paterson starts at the XTERRA World Championships in Hawaii with On

Will the Scottish Rocket win the gold medal two times in a row?

2011 and 2012, Lesley Paterson is the XTERRA World Champion. This year the graceful Scottish is wearing the young Swiss brand On on her feet.
As soon as I put these running shoes on I was blown away“, Lesley explains her choice of shoes. “They are responsive and a smooth ride. They transfer power nicely off the ground yet are very light. I’m excited to race the World Championships with them.
The XTERRA race in the Philippines was all hers. Lesley won with 15 minutes ahead and runs through the finish line as third overall, just behind Ben Allen and Dan Hugo. In September, the stunning sportswoman wins her victory at XTERRA USA Championships. The list of victories is long and her efforts are impressive. Looking at the blonde Scottish it's hard to believe that she would be able to overcome her male counter athletes and run uphill without any apparent problem. But as soon as Lesley Paterson starts racing, it is obvious that she is made for the tough XTERRA races.
On wishes Lesley all the best for the XTERRA World Championships in Hawaii this upcoming weekend.


May the Cloudracer fly the Scottish Rocket to the finish line!
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