Posted 11th March 2013

Lesley Paterson, XTERRA Triathlete

If you look for ordinary, you will have to loook somewhere else. Lesley Paterson could be on the cover of any beauty magazine, but when it's about running she loves to get dirty on the triathlon race courses.

There must have been an inkling that something was not quite right with Lesley Paterson as a 10-year-old. She was the only girl playing in a local rugby league in her native Scotland along with 250 boys. When she was finally banned from the club, the official reason was that it was “inappropriate” for a single girl to be playing in a boy’s league, but the unofficial whispers were that she just tackled too damned hard. 

Twenty years later and she’s still mixing it up with, and beating, most of the over-aged boys on the pro circuit, getting dirty on the running and mountain bike trails at off-road triathlon race courses from Hawaii to Vegas to the Philippines, and winning back-to-back Xterra world championships for good measure. No wonder, she got the nickname "The Scottish Rocket" in the triathlon scene. 

A British international from her mid-teens, her love affair with triathlon has peaked and troughed like the rolling rain-soaked heather-strewn hills of the Scottish Highlands, causing her to walk away from the sport for a few years only to rediscover her passion and return with a vengeance to dominate a sport where no mercy is given or expected.

Not only does she dominate in XTERRA races, but she’s also an accomplished Ironman triathlete, as demonstrated by her victory at Mooseman 70.3 in 2011. Lesley is scheduled to compete in 14 XTERRA races, triathlons and Ironman 70.3 events in the 2013 season. The Xterra World Champion will race all these races with her On shoes. As of January 1st, 2013 Lesley has chosen On after experiencing some great running times in the On.

As soon as I put these running shoes on I was blown away. They are responsive and a smooth ride. They transfer power nicely off the ground yet are very light. I’m excited to throw down some great run times with them on and off-road.

When Lesley’s not swimming/biking/running 40 hours a week, she’s the subject of magazine bikini cover shoots, or coaching dozens of athletes through her coaching business, Braveheart Coaching, or dreaming up new film and TV projects. If you could stop her perpetual motion for a few seconds to ask her why she doesn’t just take a break, she would probably declare in her lyrical Scottish brawl that, “There’ll be plenty of time to rest when we’re dead!”

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