Posted 18th August 2014

"It was very though, but amazing!"

Nicola Spirig finishes the marathon as second best Swiss in her special made up On Cloud.

The Swiss Olympia Gold Winner, Nicola Spirig, started at her second marathon last Saturday. At the Zurich Marathon this year, she qualified for the Athletics European Championships. Nicola started with a good preparation and pleasant anticipation. Taking high risks, she started off very fast.

"My strategy was to run with the leading group. I wanted to risk something and give it all. This way, I could support the best Swiss, Maya Neuenschwander and help to get a good team result. My goal was to reach my personal best and to gain experience on marathon distance. The first half of the challenging course, I managed to be with the leading group. After about 20 kilometers, I had to slow down and to let the leading group ran off without me."

Just like at the Zurich marathon earlier this year, Nicola had to deal with cramps. Despite pain she crossed the finish line with joy as second best Swiss athlete and she even reached a new personal best with 2:37:12 hours. She finished on 24th place and helped the Swiss team to the 5th rank.

The preparation in advance and the participation at the marathon was a valuable experience in athletics and will hopefully bring her even further in triathlon. With her effort, Nicola Spirig made us proud and she showed her potenital for marathon distances.

Congratulations, Nicola! You are a real fighter!


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