Posted 10th October 2014

Kona Diary, Day 3

On Saturday the world's best athletes will compete in triathlon's most iconic event. Before the big day, the most iconic fun run took place in Kona - the underwear run. We not only spotted loads of naked skin, but also many On shoes.

On's mission is to bring the fun back into your run. So, of course, we had to follow the most iconic fun run that took place yesterday in Kona - the underwear run.

The name says it all: strip down to your underwear and run. The atmosphere was great and people clearly enjoyed this out-of-ordinary event. 

We not only spotted loads of skin, but also plenty of On shoes. There was for example this british family, all dressed in Union Jack boxershorts featuring two Cloudracers and a Cloudsurfer, the two fashionista guys who chose their underpants to match the colors of their On Cloudster and Cloud shoes. And last but not least, we even met Superwoman. Do you want to guess which On she was wearing? The Cloudsurfer of course, who unleashes your speed.

Click here to learn more about Superwoman's On shoe of choice, the Cloudsurfer

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