Posted 9th August 2016

Hometown: Rochester Hills, Michigan

Currently Resides: Portland, Oregon

Running Love (Why do you love it? When did you fall in love with it? What do you love about it?) I fell in love with running when I joined my 7th grade track team. I had the best coach ever who made the work outs fun but challenging and totally believed in our team. Not only did I love it because I was a part of a team but the way I felt after a run was incredible. The rewards of running are endless; from boosting ones confidence, to meeting new friends, seeing new places to becoming healthier. I myself love anything that pushes me to my limits and running has taught me that I can and will achieve my goals!

Spirit Animal. Penguin for sure. I’m pretty social and love hanging out with my squad. As a team, we are invincible!

What is your coveted superpower?
Injury free forever. Being able to breath underwater would be pretty cool, not having to come up for air? I couldn’t begin to imagine the amazing possibilities. 

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you?
Determined, honest and dedicated.

Words of wisdom for new runners?
If you have a hard time motiving yourself to go out for a run find a running group. If you are anything like me it’s hard to get going for the early morning work outs. If you have someone doing it with you, you will be less likely to bail! Also, go to a local running specialty shop to get you started with the right gear. Each employee is passionate about running providing great customer service with individualized fittings, knowledge on races, dealing with injuries, and shoes/gear you can’t get anywhere else!

What does representing On mean to you?
Through On I have the opportunity to get out into our community to promote a healthy, fun, active lifestyle. I love talking to people about their running and health goals. It is the best feeling to see people take action and overcome an obstacle they did not think they were capable of overcoming. On has many advantages offered by the shoes engineering and I am excited to share that with others.

Favorite distance to run?
Recently I have really gotten back into track work outs. I did them all the time in my high school and college days and forgot how much they can help with my speed and overall health. For racing, I enjoy the 10k and half-marathon.

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