Posted 29th August 2014

"I am so excited to race and unleash all the hard work we have put in this year. Let the fun part of the year begin!"

The American On top athlete Mary Beth Ellis will race all three World Series Finals this year.

On Sunday, Mary Beth and Kevin Collington will both start at the 5150 Championships and a week after at the 70.3 World Series Finals.

Top On athlete Mary Beth Ellis took a brave decision: she will even participate at all three World Championship series this year, including the big Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Actually, she did not plan on competing in Hyvee 5150 Championships until she raced and won the Kansas 5150 event. Last year, she crashed right before the big World Championships in Kona, that's why she decided to not put all her eggs into Kona this year. A crash or mechanical can make an entire year of work for naught. Mary Beth is very excited to race in the three Championship events.

"The racing fits perfectly into the plan for Kona. The risk of getting overtrained and exhausted is always higher for me when I am doing hours of hard training. In addition after my crash and surgery last year, I prefer this year to have a few opportunities to test myself against the best. The race timing works perfectly as I desire to race a hard half Ironman 4-6 weeks before Kona. The Olympic distance race will be a perfect hard test to get me ready and sharp for both events. "

Mary Beth Ellis will race the three different challenges in the On Cloudracer, her shoe of choice.

"I feel so lucky to be in the fastest most amazing running shoe out there. My On shoes are definitely a competitive advantage on race day!"

So let's say it in Mary Beth's own words:

"Let the fun part of the year begin!! "

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