Posted 20th December 2013

Holiday Running Suggestions For Beginners

How to keep your fitness during Christmas-Cookies-Season.

1. Plan your runs in advance. Look at your schedule for the week and write them in. Having it in your planner makes it more likely to happen.

2. Focus on maintaining your current fitness level rather than improving it during the holidays. Running three days a week for even 20 to 30 minutes will maintain your current fitness level, relieve stress, and give you more time for holiday obligations.

3. Shorten your runs. Something is better than nothing! Some running is better than no running at all so rather than eliminate a run completely, cut it short. Base your mileage on the time you have available.

4. Substitute intensity for duration. When there is no time for a long run, speed up the pace for a short run. This will increase the effectiveness of a short run.

5. Go with the flow! Be flexible with your runs. Try running at different times of the day so it can fit into your schedule.

6.  Have fun while your run. Run On Clouds.

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