Posted 14th March 2014

Ironman Champion Frederik Van Lierde is looking for Hat Trick

The sympathetic Belgian athlete talks about his success in Kona, the time after the victory and his goals.

The Ironman World Champion from 2013, Frederik Van Lierde, starts at the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon on 15th of March. With the event being Frederik's first since his spectacular season finale, all eyes will be on the Belgian triathlete to see if he can continue his winning streak and successfully defend his title. Should he win, it would be his 3rd victory in Abu Dhabi in a row - Hat Trick. To win is definitively his goal. Last year he won the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, now a new running season starts. We look back with him:

Frederik, the days and weeks after Kona must have been very exciting for you. How did you experience it?
"Crazy! So busy, I've never experienced this before! But it's fun to have so much things to do :-) Media attention and appearances , elections sportsman of Flanders and Belgium, congratulations from everyone on the street. I feel deep respect from everyone! I can feel a lot more people look at me now and in a different way! For them it's like, hey he's the Ironman World Champion!!! I can feel, and my coach Luc Van Lierde told me, it will never be the same again ... In a positive way of course, I'm in the history books now!"

You worked hard for this title - what does the victory mean to you?
"I feels like the reward! A lifetime goal I achieved! The race itself, the race of my life! But ... I want to chase that same feeling again! I have updated my lifetime goal ... I want to chase a second World title :-)"

Well, we are sure we can expect a lot from you;) You just startet in 2013 running with On shoes and you obviously had a very successful year...
" It is just another confirmation the ONs are the best shoes, no question about that! Since I started running on clouds beginning 2013 I always felt fantastic in them! Run is Fun! It's no secret in 2013, I decided the victories over the year, on the run part! My On Cloudracers are the best! Really, for me it's the perfect race shoe for a Ironman triathlon. Light, support, reactivity, stylish ... just perfect! I always run my marathons barefoot, so that just shows it's a perfect fit for me! Next to that I was able to train a whole year without any injuries in my On Cloudsurfers, love them. You can call it luck, not being injured, but I know it's because of the Sufers!"

We are very happy to hear you like the On shoes - they seem to fit you perfectly. After your victory in Kona there came also some time you had for yourself. How did you spend the last few months?
"The second part of October and the month of November I was home in Belgium. From beginning of December on, the training camps started. Full focus on 2014! And after my victory in Kona, with all the obligations that come with it, it is even more important to organize very well trough the year! Mentally I'm still in the clouds and ambition is already burning to confirm all the good I showed in 2013 and especially in Hawaii!"

It seems you are really looking forward to the next races. Did you set yourself any goals for 2014?
"My biggest goals are to achieve a sub 8 hour on Ironman distance and a 2nd victory in Kona!"


We wish Frederik Van Lierde all the best for 2014 and cross our fingers! May the Cloudracer fly him to the finish line again and again...


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