Posted 27th March 2013

Introducing: the On Speedboard

The enforced Speedboard unleashes the energy of your feet and promotes a more efficient running gait to maximize performance.

The On Speedboard consists of four layers. At least for the Cloudrunner.

Layer No 1 - Flex Power:
- Hit the ground in a nice and rolling movement. The lengthwise rails translate landing impact into forward propulsion.

Layer No 2 - Energy Distribution:
- The diagonal grid ensures even energy distribution, interacting with the CloudTec® sole.

Layer No 3 - Torsion Guidance:
The high-density grid guides your foot through the torsion phase - avoiding torsion but not limiting your freedom of movement.

Layer No 4 - Spiral Dynamics:
- The transversal grid supports the natural gait of your foot in a spiral motion. Land on the outer side of your foot and push-off on your big toe.

Easiest and only way to find out about it: get a new Cloudrunner and try it out yourself. 

But the On speedboard phenomenon doesn't end there. For 2014, three of our On models come with an intergrated speedboard. So while the Cloudrunner Speedboard promotes a more efficient running gait to maximize performance, the Cloudsurfer Speedboard provides flex power to transform landing impact into forward movement and finally the Cloudracer Speedboard moulds functional layers into a thin film to combine the minimum weight with maximum performance. 

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