Posted 24th January 2014

Disney Marathon in Cloudsurfers...

...a unique experience for Terry.

"I had to assign my plans to run the Disney Marathon 2014 in the United States. My knee problems would not let me run a mile without pain.

I then tried out the On Cloudsurfer and just walked a day in them to get a feeling of the shoe. Due to curiousness, I even went for a run and realized, I was able to run painless more than a mile with them. 

Against all conventional wisdom of not trying anything new at race day, I ran in my new Cloudsurfers the Disney Marathon. During the race, I kept waiting for my knees or feet to hurt.  The hurt never came and the enjoyment kept increasing. After the marathon, all of my body hurt except my feet.  I received many compliments on my shoes and tons of questions.  I strongly endorsed your line of shoes and made many recommendations" (Terry, January 2014).
Many thanks Terry for sharing with us your personal experience. We are very pleased to hear that On has put the fun into your run.

                            #Keep Running On Clouds

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