Posted 24th October 2014

On athletes ready for the XTERRA World Champion-
ship Hawaii

On Sunday, 26th of October 2014, it’s time for the XTERRA World Championship on Maui, Hawaii. The On athletes can’t wait to get out there and reach for their goals.

One of them is the Australian Ben Allen, an experienced XTERRA participant: Multiple XTERRA World Tour Race winner, he finished third in the last race on the Philippines and made pretty clear: He is going for the podium!

His girlfriend, Jacqui Slack from the UK, might have something similar in mind:
Even though it is only her second season as a pro, she finished every race amongst the top 5 – looks promising for the upcoming final!

Besides these two athletes, Asa Shaw (GBR) and the Austrian Michi Weiss are also getting ready for their start. Reaching second place last year, Asa Shaw is going for the podium as well.

It is a pleasure for us to accompany the 18-year old Mexican Maurizio Mendez to his first start as a pro athlete at a XTERRA event. His nickname „XTERRA Wonderboy“ already shows great promise for his debut.

The shoe of choice for all five athletes is the Cloudracer. Its 18 low-profile Clouds stay low to the ground for fast performance and its midsole has been slimmed down to save weight and features the Speedboard for high responsiveness on every ground – perfect for the upcoming outdoor triathlon!

We wish our athletes the best of luck for the XTERRA World Championship. May they run on clouds and reach their goals!

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