Posted 8th August 2016

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Currently Resides: Azusa, CA

Running Love (Why do you love it? When did you fall in love with it? What do you love about it?) I started running in the 7th grade as it didn’t require me to catch or kick anything. Except for my sophomore year in high school as the starting left bench in football, I ran my entire youth. However it wasn’t until 2005, about to graduate high school, that I truly fell in love with running after completing my first triathlon. I swam like a rock and biked like I still had training wheels. But the run was where I was in my element and able to find peace between the spandex and the bike. Many years later, the run is still my first love – it is the sport where I push myself the hardest but also the one I enjoy the most. It may only be a third of my favorite sport, but is 100% my favorite.

Spirit Animal: Lion as we both have sweet manes

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you? Fabio but pale.

Words of wisdom for new runners? Make sure you have fun but always push yourself. Hit the hard days hard and take the easy days easy but find that piece of running that you love and put that into every workout. Don’t get lost in data!

What does representing On mean to you?
It means that I can help other runners and athletes find, rediscover, or elevate their love for running the same way I did. On shoes were a key factor in coming back from chronic injury and pain linked to my run and the previous choice of shoes. I have loved every mile in my On shoes and this is the exact feeling I want all other runners and athletes to experience.

Favorite distance to run?
It would have to be the 5 miles of my favorite trail: Chantry Flats. Steep climbs, mountain top views, long tree filled descents, river crossings, and the occasional bear sighting turned interval run - it makes for my favorite run in general!

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