Posted 2nd October 2013

This time she must win!

Caroline Steffen is getting ready for Kona.

2013 is her year! Already seven times she was standing on the podium, three times out of that on the top. Caroline Steffen is in the best shape as ever before – and eager for the gold in hawaii.

The start into the season succeed. Every race, she participates on, ends up with Caroline standing on podium. And this, despite of coming down with a bad cold. Later on Caroline Steffen trains for several weeks together with her team mates from teamTBB in Leysin, in the Swiss Mountains. In spite of suboptimal conditions because of continuous snowfall until may, the fresh air in the Swiss Mountains seems to do her good. Back on the starting line, Caroline Steffen wins race after race. She looks back to the Challenge Roth in Germany, the Cobra Ironman on the Philippines and the race in Indonesia as a victor. The other competitors do not have any chance. Caroline wins with a healthy margin and at Meta-Man in Bintan she even sets a new recordtime with 9:13:57 hours. Her concurrents partially arrive over nine minutes later than Caroline and run the second place.

Caroline Steffen could not have hoped for a better preparation. At the moment she is training in Cozumel Mexico for the Ironman Worldchampionships on October 12th in Hawaii together with her team mates from teamTBB.

Kona is an emotional thing for Caroline, because the victory in Hawaii is her personal Must Have, which she, until now, haven’t reached yet. 2011 aches and pains in her legs slow her down and she runs through the finishing line as the fifth. Last year she ekes out the silver medal, thanks to a good improvement of her running concerning the change of shoe-sponsor to On.
Is 2013 the year for Caroline Steffen to eventually become the Ironman Wolrdchamp in Hawaii?

Her goal: She WANTS the title of Worldchampion! As we know Caroline, aka Xena the Warrior Princess, she is determined until she reaches the finish line in Kona as the first one.

„I’m just a winner – I just want to win. It’s very simple: I want to be the best – that’s it. In the races, if I’m on the start line, it sometimes feels like I’m a different person. It’s like I’m a racehorse in a box and the gun goes off and I’m just in a different mode – I just go for it and want to win.“

The signs are favorable. Caroline Steffen is clearly the favourite and her efforts stand for itself. We cross our fingers for this year’s Wolrdchampionshipstitel in Kona.

          May the Cloudracer fly you to the finish line!

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